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Life in Bhamdeli village

Our Resort is blessed with having the beautiful little village of Bhamdeli, as our neighbor. It is a village of around 400 inhabitants. The village was relocated about 20 years back from the periphery of the Irai Lake before the dam was built. Of course it has grown since then. A walk through the village gives on an idea of how village life is in rural India and what is the life-style of the villagers. Their main profession is farming, growing cotton, rice and vegetables around the area. Basket weaving is also a secondary activity. The village folks often gather on religious holidays to sing “bhajans” (Indian songs in Praise of God) which are fun to watch and also participate.

It is an Idyllic Indian village to see and learn from how simple life can be! 

Irai Safari Retreat has been actively involved with the wellbeing of the villagers in Bhamdeli. Donating supplies for the children at the local school and providing infrastructure as and when needed. We also support the villagers whenever there is a water shortage or any medical assistance is required. 80% of our staff is employed and trained, from Bhamdeli and other neighboring villages

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