Perfect – peaceful, romantic. We love Irai!

October 26, 2015

Such a beautiful, lush green property. A pleasure to walk around, well maintained. Very simple with alot of old school charm and very nicely spread out across the big property.

From the moment we arrived until we left, we were taken care of by the staff and made to feel like we were at home. We both had a slight cold and the kitchen staff kept obliging us by making us special teas and soups to make us better. The food was great – we were always excited to go eat every meal in the beautiful dining hall or sometimes on our villa veranda. All the staff were always smiling and friendly – genuine village warmth, not the usual 5 star trained warmth.

We had a great time on the safaris too and this place has a beautiful library with tons of books and an AV room, which we made use of each night to watch wildlife documentaries.

No place else I’d go to if I was visiting Tadoba. I strongly recommend this place for couples, quiet getaways in the monsoon. Season time I guess they are full with families so I can’t vouch for the peace of the property staying intact.

We loved our room – it really just felt like our own little home. Beautiful. Thank you Irai.